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The Billionaire Master Mind Forum is dedicated to sharing a greater vision to the world and making this a better world by teaching a daily philosophy of the power of human potential and the power of unlimited possibilities. The overall philosophy is that we have the power to control our minds and the power of how thoughts create our reality. The forum’s purpose is to bring positive minded people together and share the concept of billionaire and millionaire mindsets worldwide. The philosophy is based on Ali Yasin’s, "GoRichDad", philosophy and many authors of motivational books who have influenced him and his hosts. The concept of “Rich Mind Poor Mind” Your Quantum Leap into Prosperity comes from Mr. Yasin. He is the author of "Your Conscious Shift from Poor Mind Rich Mind" teaches each individual that they have a purpose and that purpose is rooted in their conscious awareness of who they are. The overall root of the philosophy has its biblical and ancient influence along with 19 century authors and writers such as Charles Haanel, The Master Key To Success, Napoleon Hill, Think and Grow Rich and the list goes on today with many self-improvement leaders and coaches such as Les Brown, Anthony Robbins, Brian Tracy, and Jim Rohn, Robert Allen just to name a few. The old proverb “know thy self and to thy self be true” is the turning point in self-discovery.

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